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SACRECOEUR DESIGN STORE  was founded in 1997 by Pernille Hell

All our products are selected items, chosen after the simple rules: craftsmanship, beauty and functionality.

I cant help looking after beautiful things 24-7  - & I admit, sometimes buying just for the pure pleasure and luxury of looking at the beautifulness things can express.

The world is full of amazing shapes, with an open mind you'll see it and remember it.It is our philosophy to have a relaxed attitude to interior design and decoration. Following what we believe in, making our own trends. It is not a  secret that we love historical design, and we are always searching openminded and dedicated after that something - and that's the fascinating thing, digging into this amazing world of design & art.You feel that you just started learning, even though being in the business for 20 years, the world is still so beautifully stocked with both talented historical and contemporary designers and there creations.     



         > > >  Having some special needs & wishes, some great ideas ..

                   or do you need our inspiration, call us and let us meet for an interesting talk about design!!  






Let's get in toucht, make your appointment on > > >  + 45   26 16 26 09 

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.... SACRECOEUR DESIGN STORE   on-line by browsing through our website - or drop by and say hallo to us in the store.  We will do our very best to help you out,  no matter if you are looking after a small gift or an entire solution for your home or workspace


> > >  We would love to help you decorate your home or workspace, if your own ideas need some inspiration it's our finest criterial to listen, and add the perfect designs in being inspiring towards your own personal style. 



We have selected, maked our choices and that is why our collection is limited to an exclusive range of designers and brands. And of course more simple for you to choose your favorites among our favorites.







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SACRECOEUR DESIGN STORE                            



COPENHAGEN  .  DENMARK .   +  45  26 16 26 09





       > > >   We are located in Charlottenlund, only 10 minutes by train from the center of Copenhagen